Wonderful route not much frequented. Very different landscapes. From Dat ,you approach the high Tibetan plateau. 4000 nomads live in the Rupshu area. Go to Hemis by taxi from Leh. The best period is from July to September. Allow 11 days.

1st Day: Hemis to Shang Sumdo, 3 hours

From the village of Hemis, go down towards Martsellang, then follow a track suitable for motor traffic. Go up a valley, which is fairly narrow in places, then walk along the riverbed as far as Shang Sumdo. Good campsite near a house. Several rivers to cross.

2nd day: Shang Sumdo to Latza Kongmaru, 7 hours

Above the village, take a path along the slope through red rock. Then back down the riverbeds. From Chukirmo on, the track leads onto gorges. On two stretches horses must be unloaded. Several rivers to cross. Leave the gorge and go up into the pass. Camp in Latza Kongmaru near a low wall, room for 4 hours tents 4800m .

3rd day: Latza Kongmaru to Kongmaru-la campsite of Langtang Chu, 7 hours

From the camp, steep ascent as far as the Kangmuru-la 5150 meter. From the pass, a beautiful view of the Kangyetse 6,400 meter. Easy descent to the summer pastures of Nimaling 4700meter, one of the most beautiful high valley in Ladakh. From nirmaling, pass the ridge 5000m behind the campsite, go down into A beautiful small valley, then cross a second ridge 5000 meter and along the rocky northwest slope on the Kangyetse as far as the Langtang-chu flows. Several campsite further uphill.

4th day: campsite of the Langtangchu to zhalung-karpo-la south camp in the zalung karpo to Sorra, 8 hr.

Go up this broad valley. Cross a large stream an a morianic wall. Carry on until the valley divides. Take right-hand valley as far as the top of the Zhalung Karpo-la 5200 meter 5 hour, from the top, go down a ridge toward a second pass then go down a steep rocky slope as far as a beautiful valley which curves slightly to the left. Carry on through a gorge until a grassy, flat area camp.

5th day: Sorra to Dat, 5 hrs

A little way beyond the last houses go into wonderful, woody gorges. When the valley widens, cross the Sorra chu, go up the Dat-Chu. These two river make up the Chanchu, which flows into the Zansar. Further on, leave a valley on the right to go a narrow tranverse valley. The valley widen again. Pass in the front of several manis and Chortens. The valley become very broad. Arrival in Dat 4200 meter, viilage inhabited throughout the year. A small gompa belong to Gelugspa ( yellow sect).

6th day: Dat to Yarla to Lungmoche, 6 hrs

From Dat, go toward the village of Dango. If it is toward the end of the season. Take some water with your for the next few hours. You follow the tracks without difficulty, go into the third valley on the left. You climb a bit higher. Water can be found at the foot of the Yarla short, easy climb to the pass 4950 meter. From the pass , fantastic view of the Rupshu. Easy descent for 2 hrs to the summit village of Lungmo che.

7th day: Lungmoche- Lun 6 hours,

From Lungmoche, go down along the river, right bank. Go to a very large north-south valley where the following the same valley, straight south as far as Yakbo. Wonderful campsite with several low stone walls. Tibetan nomads live in this area, continue southern, in 2 hours you arrive in Lun, after passing a large valley on the left Lun village, fields.

8th day: Lun to Marang-la to Takh, 8 hours,

From Lun, along the left bank for half an hour, then take a good path, which leaves the river up to the left. You come to a beautiful takh plateau. Pass all the valley on your left, except the last, at first, the pass is rather narrow but soon find a well-kept trail. Gentle rise at first. You arrive at the Marang-la 5300 meters. Then along descent towards Takh Military camp.

9th day to the 11 day: Takh to Baralacha-la to Darcha

In Takh you meet up with the Leh- Manali military trail. Follow it without difficulty. Pass Serchu then Serai Kongjung just beyond the bridge, then cross the Baralacha-la 4650 meters. After the Baralacha-la Zingzinber then Petseo and Darcha.

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